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Archangels are very large, loud, and powerful spirits, yet they’re also extremely loving and without ego. They don’t have genders and gender makes absolutely no difference to them, they love us all without any reservation.
The way you perceive any angelic being is completely personal and right, and it may be different for each individual so take from us only what resonates with you.
Archangels are non-denominational. Meaning you don’t need to belong to a particular religion in order to elicit their attention and help.


The word 'Angel' means "Messenger of God‘
Angels are non-denominational, unconditional and pure divine love and they focus only on our divinity and divine potential.
Angels will never cause you harm, nor will they every scold you, insult you, or make suggestions that may harm others. Angels are benevolent and spiritual helpers who are here only to help you feel love, peace and joy throughout your life. Be joyous with your angels and talk to them even when you don't need their specific help.
It doesn't matter if you believe in angels or not because they will always believe in you and they are always with you. It doesn't matter what religion, gender, race, colour or anything else you may or may not be, the angels love you. 
Nothing is too big or too small for your angels attention, you cannot tire them and there are an infinite number of angels with an infinite amount of time. It is not important how you ask for your angels help. IT IS IMPORTANT that you ask, angels cannot help you unless you ask them to.

Guardian Angels

Your guardian angel is a very loving messenger from the Divine and is your protector.
Everyone has at least two guardian angels, and many people have more. Your guardian angel is with you from the moment of conception and takes you home at your time of transition.
Guardian angels have never been human and are not deceased loved ones
You can ask for extra guardian angels to be with you, your family and any loved ones.
Although your guardian angel will whisper to you, you must make the time and practice listening to those instincts and urges that you get. They will prompt you to do the right thing, however they will never override your free will and it is always your choice to listen or not.
Although you may feel it helps to build a closer relationship by asking for your guardian angels name. It is not a necessity and names are for your convenience not theirs. What is important is that you make time to listen to those small quiet voices and open a regular dialogue asking for signs that you will then recognize. 
One thing to remember is that many angels have a truly divine sense of humour and your signs might not be quite what you expect. I asked for a bell once (expecting or perhaps hoping to hear choirs of angels) and the next thing my cat flew in to the room with his cat bell ringing and jumped on my lap. Another time I asked for a bell and for no reason at all my microwave oven beeped - just the once. So your angels will send you signs but you will need to pay attention to them and not just dismiss them as coincidences. A coincidence after all is a subtle angel signal.

Fairies or Nature Elements

Fairies or Nature Elements can be many shapes, colors and sizes, but frequently take on human form because they know that’s what we expect to see. If you suppose they would look like an animal, they will. If you believe they will look very ethereal and spirit like, your wish is their command. Their intent is to make you comfortable with their form – their intentions are usually honorable and caring.

Fire Fairies, also generally known as Salamanders can make and controls fire or make fire burn out of control, depending upon the circumstance. Salamanders teach us about regeneration, the life force that dwells within each of us.
Fire purifies, burns, releases and destroys the old so that new may emerge. Salamanders teach us about earth mysteries and the secrets of the underworld. Their creative use of fire demonstrates to us spiritual fortitude, which illuminates our path through life. Salamanders teach us how to transform old stagnant core energetic blocks and trauma as their 'fiery force' burns away auric blocks or negativity. Salamander ignites our imagination and fuels our creativity which reales issues of low self- esteem, low self-confidence and low self-worth. Salamanders are especially useful for those who have been crushed or diminished by bullying or other outside social influences.

Earth Fairies are usually mischievous and like to hide things, but eventually return them to you if you ask nicely. Call upon the Earth Fairies to help locate lost items. Earth fairies take care of the earth, minerals, but also of the roots of plants of our planet.
The earth fairies message is to balance our lives with nature. Living in harmony with the elemental forces creates positive energy in our lives and helps us to remain grounded, balanced and at peace.

Air Fairies or Sylphs, control the different air currents related to wind, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and also the nice warm breezes of summer.
Sylphs are spirits of the air; they transport our higher thoughts and prayers to the Angels. Air is light, flexible, free and inspirational. Sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those on creative arts. Working with Sylphs brings immediate balance by either creating greater reserves of energy to revitalise you or brings serenity if you have been under stress. Sylphs increase intuition, clairsentience and communication skills. They teach you the power of your thoughts - bringing lightness, flexibility, grace and freedom. They also teach you to rise above your lower emotions - by sometimes detaching from our emotions we can get a better perspective on a situation which will clarify our thoughts.

Water Fairies, also generally known as Undines control the water flow of rivers and oceans and help heal the water bodies as much as possible in light of world pollution. They even turn the water into ice and snow in the winter and then can turn the dew to frost.
They are emotional beings, very friendly and open to being of service to human beings. Water spirits teach us to go with the flow. Water has many forms: just as ice, water and steam are all the same substance, they may appear different, but in truth they are all the same chemical composition, this is the hidden secret of the water element. Water spirits have a lot to teach us about adapting to many different situations without losing our basic emotional stability and eternal joyful divine nature. Undines will aid your intuition and help you find that which may be buried beneath the 'waves of emotional turmoil'. The Water Fairies will help you balance the emotional aspect of your nature bringing an atmosphere of harmonious fluidity which is soothing, cleansing and cooling - bringing inner peace.