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Loving Angels is a harmonious alliance between Deborah, her Angels and Spirit Guides and came into existence when Deborah, who has always been able to feel, see and hear Angels, Spirit Guides and spirits realized how many people were looking for guidance with the manifestation of love, abundance, joy, a great career, life purpose, adventuresome travels and holidays and all of the other aspects that make life a joyous exploration, but weren’t sure how to go about gaining these goals.

Fortunately, through Deborah's own extensive learnings and experiences she is also able to guide you in contacting your own Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and to help you to open up and learn to communicate with the wider spiritual and angelic realms, for both yourself and your loved ones.

Loving Angels offers Spiritual Guidance and Assistance with Manifesting your Dreams, Advice from the Angelic Realms and Clairvoyant Readings – and strives to offer not just guidance, but the tools and skills required to help you continue to balance your life in all ways, and to release any blocks that may be in your way.




All clairvoyant information and guidance comes from a place of love and wisdom, as Deborah is completely guided by the Angels and Spirit Guides who are always with us, as well as the Guardian Angels of her clientele. In particular Deborah works closely with Ganesh who is a wise, gentle-humoured and loving friend who will always help to remove any obstacles in our way and the Archangel's, especially Michael (The Warrior) and Raphael (The Healer).

Loving Angels believes that we are all special. We are all loved by our Angels and the Universe, and we all deserve everything we desire. Thus, along with Clairvoyant Readings, Chakra Healings, Subliminal Messaging and Dream Manifestation Coaching began the creation of beautiful and powerful Manifestation Rituals, Charms and Talismans, Affirmations and Meditations to help you attain your goals and dreams, and to assist with the manifesting of any and all of your hearts desires.

Deborah's Qualifications:

Certified as an Angel Intuitive™ by Doreen Virtue, PhD and has also completed the Angel Intuitive™ Advanced course. For more information about Angel Intuitives please visit
Initiated into the Reiki discipline, studied Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Healing and Aura Balancing.
Completed The Liquid Crystal™ Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Course. For more information about The Liquid Crystals™ please visit
Holds a degree in Applied Computing and continues to work in the field of information technology.